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Evil grin Super Skidmarks & Jurassic Park AGA

What the hell is the deal with Super Skidmarks. I have the 8 disk cracked version but it's total shite. It would do nothing but crash constantly on WinUAE no matter what config I used. It was next to impossible to actually play a game. So I went through the massive hassle of transfering all 8 disks to floppy using adf2disk and tried it out on my real Amiga 1200. Lo and behold it's still shite. The problems aren't WinUAE related I find, they're due to a very crap cracked version. I got the Ultimate Super Skidmarks CD so I'll see if that's any better. Does anyone know of a version of this game that actually works and doesn't guru everytime you seem to select an option.

As for Jurassic Park AGA can anyone confirm if it's on 5 disks or 6 disks. I used to have the cracked (extremely buggy) version years ago and it was on 5 disks. When I downloaded it from Ninjas AGA World it was on 6 disks. Huh!?! I think he got it wrong because the 6th disk is never used. I also bought the original of Jurassic Park a few years ago because the crack was practically unplayable. I found out these facts:

1) It only comes on 4 disks unlike the crack.
2) It works without crashing on a lot of levels (like the crack)
3) In the 3D sections the raptors are much easier to kill in the original. In the crack they are twice as hard to kill and take much more hits before they die making it almost impossible to finish a level.

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