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I also enjoyed Unreal. The 3D sections were pretty fun to me, and the platforming sections had a "memorize this shit" vibe that I actually enjoyed back at time. It's not awesome stuff, but IMO it's very far of being crap.

Regarding both Project-X and Xenon 2...

In the case of Xenon 2, I can only imagine someone liking this game having zero experience with shmups before. The music is awesome... everything else is HORRIBLE. The game is awfuly slow, the collision detection simply doesn't work, the level design is just atrocious, the shop breaks up the gameplay which was already painfully slow to begin, the framerate is crap, the controls don't respond very well, and who the hell thought it was a good idea do be able to scroll BACKWARDS in a vertical shmup? Everything Xenon 2 does, it does wrongly.I don't think even the GFX are that good either.

The first Xenon was eons better (Even though it was just an average shmup), but it also had some heavy issues with its collision detection.

IMO Xenon 2 is one of the most overrated amiga games ever, if not *the* most overrated. I can even understand someone enjoying the likes of Shadow of the Beast, but Xenon 2 has absolutely nothing going for it except its music.

Project-X in the other hand, looks very beautiful and it's very slick.... but it still plays like a turd. Inertia in a shmup is always a bad idea, and the way the game throws timed waves at you, one type of enemy at time is just completely lazy design. Project-X is a bit better than Xenon 2, but it's still pretty bad.

Amiga had some awesome shmups that deserve a lot more of love. Anyone loving Xenon 2 should take a look at Battle Squadron which, while not the best vertical shmup ever (Its not even the best shmup on the amiga library IMO), destroys Xenon 2 in nearly every aspect, and even its music is extremely awesome.

Now... Lethal Weapon? Really? Not only I can't see any eye-candy on it (It looks pretty bland IMO), but it's also a very reasonable game IMO, I played a lot of it back when I had lots of free time and most of it was spent playing games
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