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Hey All,

Following a guide Jurassic wrote over at Amibay I setup my OS4.1 Classic so that it loads the Kickstart files off the Native IDE and then continues to boot from the SATA HDD attached to me SATA Raid Card

So anyway I thought I'd share this with ya'll

Its hard to demonstrate the SATA with Photo's lol but anyway you'll get the idea

So first up here's OS4.1 loaded up from the Live CD, luckily I had a backup of my SYS in .lha on my Work Partition so no need to reinstall...

I followed Jurasicc's instructions with regards to Kicklayout and file structure on the BOOT Partition, only difference is my SATA drive was SDH0. After copying the files and adjusting the Kicklayout files I switched off and gave her a cold start.

YAY!! \o/

Booted first time

As you can see I have a few drives there, BOOT is hidden, OS41Work/Games are the old IDE drives. I just need to transfer the files to SATA1/2 which are my new SATA Partitions. OS41SYS is the SDH0 from the SATA drive.

As you can see I have a few PCI Cards installed. Keropi kindly donated an ESS SOLO 1 Soundcard to me and I'm pleased to report its working perfect with OS4.1 Classic - Thanks again my friend

Here's a couple of shots from Ranger with my System Specs/Info:

Here's the partition info, its a little quick and dirty but all works - I'll probably do away with the IDE drive and just use a small CF to start the booting

I did have a SWAP Partition at the end but I deleted as my System was locking up before, I've not had any lockups since so I'm guessing I done something wrong there and will go back and RTFM before creating another one

Here's the Partitions with BOOT hidden:

And some more partition details:

Big thanks again to Jurassic, your awesome little guide was easy to follow, so easy even I could get it working first time!

And here is Jurassics guide for anyone else who wants to have a try:

What you need to do is the following:-

Install OS4.1 on to a small HD or compact flash from the CD.
A SFS/00 partition, 512MB Bootable called BOOT: under the first 4GB for example will do and keep it on the native IDE.

Add your SATA Controller (sii 3512 is the better 2 port card or sii3114 for 4 port) connect up your sata harddrive / sata cdrom and power up.

Mediatoolbox will now show scsi.device and sii3xxxide.device

Select the sii3xxxide.device and read the drive config.
Create a FFS2 DOS7 or SFS/00 DH0: partition, 512MB, bootable will do in mediatoolbox.
Create a 255MB SWAP: partition as per the FAQ and move it to the end of the sata disk, leave the rest in the middle blank for now.


Quick format DH0: on the sata drive, but don't try to format SWAP

From the shell

Copy #? all clone DH0:

This will copy your OS4.1 install to your sata drive partition DH0:

You can now delete everything off boot: except for the following drawers


In C: and S: on boot: all you need is s:startup-sequence and c:bootloader & C:ata3.driver

Now create a text file called bootdevice with just the text 'DH0', nothing else and save it as BOOT:kickstart/bootdevice

Open BOOT:kickstart/kicklayout-A1200 in notepad

Uncomment the bootdevice line at the bottom of the kicklayout file by removing the ';'

Open a shell and type:-
Reboot sync

This will close all filesystems down gracefully and perform a cold clean reboot

Your kickstart will now boot from BOOT: using the native IDE, similar to powering on the A1200 under 3.9 and setpatch adding the AmigaOS ROM Update. Once the kickstart modules have been loaded it will soft reboot.

Workbench will now boot from DH0: on the sata drive instead of BOOT:

*Open a shell and type fc-cache -fv to rebuild the font cache if you accidently didn't use the clone option when copying from one partition to the other, you might need to do this twice on SFS/00 partitions.

Things you can experiment with now are:-

Remove your native IDE CD-Rom drive and put your old 3.5" hardrive on there instead as slave.
Prep the unused space in the middle of the sata drive, I recommend JXF/04 but if you want it visible from 3.9 use SFS/00 and copy over your data.

You can delete the kickstart drawer from DH0: as it not needed in this setup now.

AmigaOS 4.1 will now use its memory pager when physical memory gets low as you have a swap partition available.

If you don't want the native IDE available under OS 4.1 you can comment the following line out of boot:kickstart/kicklayout-a1200

Module kickstart/A1200/scsi.device

From now on you will have a pure SATA system under OS 4.1, with only the native IDE used to boot the 4.1 ROM
Hope you enjoyed that and it helps some others get a little more out of OS4.1 Classic.

PS. I had some issues with SFS/00 and A1200 IDE so you might be safer with FFS for the little BOOT Partition...


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