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Well, gee. I can imagine a lot of games that fit this list. Too bad I can't be arsed to list them all, so I'll just point out the ones that I can think of:

Shadow of the Beast - do I really have to say more? I definitely love the 3rd game, despite the other 2.

Superfrog - level design doesn't feel very well though-out. Very annoying spike traps. And whenever you get hit, especially in the air, it takes a lifetime just to get Superfrog back up and moving again because of that stupid animation you have to put up with after losing a hit point. Irritating. I really hate the music for both the title screen and all of World 1. That singing frog made me want to take a shotgun to that little bastard.

Zool - to be honest, I don't think the graphics in Zool even qualify as eye-candy, even when it was first released. And again, terrible level design, and slippery controls.

Gods and Bubba n' Stix are okay. At least they weren't trying to compete with Mario or Sonic, which is a good thing.
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