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Originally Posted by Warlock99 View Post
Old but scary Lucasart game originating from the Atari xl and c64. When the alien appears and starts beating the glass of your spaceship it scare the living shit out of ya!

Nice fractal generated graphics on this game, especially for the time. I wonder if a remake will ever appear.

I would always jump when the aliens jumped up and started beating on the window.

Another game of recent that i get the same feeling from is Minecraft. I love to go spelunking in the deep dark caves looking for ore, coal and diamonds and there is always those damned creepers that sneak up and explode on you. I always have to take my time and lay out torches where ever i go.

A game that to this day my buddy can't play is Stonekeep. He would jump every time one of the goblins would jump out.
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