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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
James Pond was another one like that, Looked good. Really hyped. Boring
Agree, when it came it lacked the "why should I be doing this?" factor. Replayed a few levels now and must say it fared better in my eyes, still the same factor is lacking.

I bet those of us who were 8-12 years at the time will consider this sacrilege, and I think that's the thing. Most of us were 15-18 and wanted "cool" games, I think. To us, this was a lame kid's game.

Optimally too, in a good action game you must be able to do "neat moves" (as in skillful maneuvres, not finally aquire Cybergun XR-II or find a hidden cave) for the player to feel good about himself. It could be the simplest thing, a tight dodge or a well-timed kick to the groin. In James Pond you have linear, clearly explained missions, and you complete them by going all over the place and fetching items or activating buttons. Kinda like shopping all the groceries and clothes for a full year in a big city that has no supermarkets but 1 store per item. The city might be beautiful as anything, with lots of areas to explore, but what you're actually doing in this awesome city is the same thing, over and over again. That could still be fun, if doing those things over and over again is fun in itself. Then the game must have a satisfying "control/feedback loop", or not be challenging (open-ended non-lethal exploration).

(Novel mode again... anyway. This thread is actually excellent in helping making tangible those intangible somethings in games that makes us like them )
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