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Originally Posted by bLAZER View Post
Well, actually if you could specify the dimensions for the most common boxes I could make tamplates for those (And I'll remake the older ones when I have the strength)
As you already have the Speedball (0.78) type box aspectratio and Another World (0.82) and i guess you done the budget type boxes (Kixx, hit squad, sizzlers, codemasters) template already with correct?
Then there is another fairly common boxtype.. and thats the one used for Operation Wolf and Gauntlet 2 (i scanned the ST version) if you just make a template based on the scan aspect ratio then you have most common box types.
The Another world type is used by many PC games also (sometimes the height might differ but it is up to you if you think it should have its own template when you make the 3D renders).

Maybe the Psygnosis box types deserve it's own template? the aspect ratio of most of them are like the Speedball but lesser height (they are thinner).

I scanned some PC boxes:
World Rally Fever
Quest for Glory: Anthology
Lands of Lore 2
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