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Redesign of AROS boot model, it does not fit in AOS model. (3rd party autoboot ROMs and RDB filesystems are something that AROS didn't need to care etc.. It did work previously but it was too ugly)

-> Boot priorities and custom filesystems etc may work strangely until boot rewrite is finished. (Jason is doing this)

I implemented optional Enforcer-like MMU kernel debugging support recently (currently only working and tested with WinUAE 68040 MMU emulation but also supports 68030 and 68060, but only in theory at this point). This also detects early boot invalid accesses because it is rom built-in and starts very early.

I finally had good enough reason to learn 680x0 MMU programming

Can you make this thread sticky
Can't do, I am only mod in WinUAE forum.
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