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All DS:

- Another World DS

According to the docs, it uses the New RAW interpreter:

So there is a chance that there are other ports or will be soon. Not sure how long it has been out, "last update" mentioned is 2011-06-06.

- Flashback DS
based on the the Reminescence engine:

There is already a DS port of Reminescence (already in your list) but Reminescence has been updated since.

So this port seems to have more features (according to the docs), like the possibility to use the speech files from the Mega CD version.
There are perhaps also less issues (or perhaps more ) issues than the previous port of the engine (DS-side coding).

- I see you have already listed ant512 Super Fool Egg remake.
What about adding Earth Shaker DS?

While it is a ZX Spectrum port, given it is a BoulderDash-ish game, I guess it would be a good addition to the list.
Listing it as a Rockford/Emerald Mine remake would not make much sense though, but perhaps there are some PD games that have a closer gameplay?
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