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Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
Implementing an option to set output to fixed 800x600 instead of 768x576 would also be great to get rid of the image degradation caused by number of LCDs or Projectors which try to upscale the signal to 800x600 and cannot show original 1:1.
That's already possible on all internal Indivision models. Just change the number of padding-lines and padding pixels with the config tool in order to get to what the monitor likes best. Some monitors may not like the pixelclock or the resulting intermediate H/V frequencies.

Indivision AGA MK2 will have more choices of pixelclocks, which brings it much closer to standard PC gfx modes. This makes it compatible with more monitors.


P.S: here's two pictures of the header I'll be using on Indivision AGA MK2.

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