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Agree Jaguar was a let-down. Comparing it to Buggy Boy (which TBH looks like crap with crap on it) gives a strange lesson that a game can be simplistic, and have an even simpler control method and still be playable and fun for a while, at least a little longer than it takes saying "what the #$%^ is this #$%^" and pushing the floppy eject button

Xenon 2 and Project-X had lousy playability/appeal because they failed to implement the two basics of a good shooter, framerate and collision detection. Without it it's just noskill random waves porridge.

I enjoyed Unreal, it felt fresh when it came.

And can someone point me to the eyecandy in Sword of Sodan?

I'll put Gods on the table. For all its audiovisual brilliance (it really does sound and look so very good), I couldn't bring myself to playing it. There would only be more switches, treasures, traps and monsters. I really have a hard time with this trap- and sequence-memorizing style of game, made harder with too large characters that all but fill the empty space between walls, clunky sort of 3-step turn and shoot and "...wait for iiit!"-timing taxing the patience.

Challenge and playability are kind of at either end of a spectrum, but the challenge doesn't have to come from overcoming the control methods or other game design misses. Every game that's not multiplayer or openended or has infinite 'level' (or no levels at all) needs a challenge, but the motivation to overcome it must also be there, and the thrill of seeing a new set of graphics is weighed against how enjoyable it was to get to it.

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