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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Damn, I didn't think that in "1.2MB" mode the drive uses 80 tracks... and when they are in "360KB" mode they are using double stepping of the head.
So you're right, these HD drives have smaller heads than DD 40-tracks ones .
Will this make a big difference during floppy reading? Or is it really important during writing only?
Well 80TRK drives can read 40TRK disks. But: This won't give better results, instead, slight misalignment might cause problems. If you only want to read, you have the chance to read until its good. When writing, I would recommend using the larger head, just to be sure.

Too bad when you have to clone a 1541 disk. This drive has an 80 track mechanism with a larger head. Hassle!
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