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Originally Posted by James View Post
Judging from your name I guess that you know more about this than I... There used to be a site dedicated to WolfenDoom on the Amiga.
A long time ago I made the AmiWolfendoom Page. But hosting such a site in germany can be a problem nowadays. But I still have a backup somewhere.

I think Operation: Rheingold Episode 2 was not available on the Amiga site???
Available yes, but not working. I have to check the backupfiles. If you want them...?
Problem was the DEH support.

DoomAttack has better DEH support than ADoom. There is a comparison of the two here
But DoomAttack was suffering from other problems?!? No Wolfendoom in 1024x768 on PPC.

Nice! I just visited your site.
If a ADoom with full DEH support will maybe ever released, I can reactivate the page.

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