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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
LOL, i want what you been smoking
Scary thing is that was straight.. I've always been afraid that if I did anything like that, as I can't get any crazier, I might end up totally normal for a bit..

Originally Posted by mr.vince
email me and join the beta...
I think I will do that. I wasn't going to and I was just going to be very patient (as only I can be.. ), because I knew I needed to setup my 5 1/4" drive that I don't have yet (but I think I have a lead on one)..
So I was being patient(ish).
But, this weekend, I pulled out my C64, and it's broke!!! So I'll have to troubleshoot it, so no point in waiting for that setup.
I almost have my Kryoflux and 3.5" floppy in a nice case setup.
I just need to attach the Kryoflux to the back and I should be good to go, so I should have a pic of that in a few days..

p.s. Still having fun!!! And even without my C64 working, I can at least grab some images of my C64 floppies (when I get the 5 1/4" drive) and use them on an emulator for testing until I get it fixed/replaced...
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