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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The monitor connection is made with a 2x10-pin (1.27mm by 2.54mm) header using 0.635mm twisted-pair ribbon cable. Still haven't decided if it'll be a custom cable or a small board with header - depends on availability of parts when mass-production is due.

A header would be nice. The composite video jack and the RF module can be removed from the A1200 which would allow a small header board to sit in its place for a nice clean installation. The header would also sit nicely on the other end of the A1200 case which would also make for a nice clean install. If you don't make one i'll see what i could design once i get the size/specs of parts

edit... the 0.635mm twisted pair ribbon cable is hard to find... Digikey dont sell that pitch size, only the 1.27mm in 100ft lengths (and at $141.99) ouch.

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