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Hello all..

I am very happy to have found this little part of the web, its really great to see the amount of people kepping the Legend alive..

I have been feeling the urge the revive my Commodore computing days of long ago...
I started with a vic20 somewhere around 1984 then progressing onto a C64 then moving onto a Amiga 500 in 1989,
I sold my vic20 to a school mate to help fund the C64 purchase.. I still have my C64 with 1541, fastload cartridge and box of 5 1/4 inch box
of disks that amazingly still work though I seem to be having to clean the disk heads a lot...

My current Amiga's are my original Rev 6 A500 with extra 512k, an 1101 external disk drive and 1084s Monitor in amazingly great condition and 4 boxes of floppies.

An Amiga 1000, 2000 and 1200, the A2000 I purchased from Ebay has a busted Buster chip and an issue with the first mouse port and very little
amount of battery damage...

I blame lucasarts for luring me to the PC Darkside with the release of XWING only on PC, the urge to get an IBMPC to play Xwing was too strong
for me to resist..

I love reading through these posts and seeing the different hardware that you people have in your systems, its very inspiring..
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