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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Probably classed as an extreme kind of setup these days but two 500's running sde by side is still appealing to me
Maybe not too extreme...
I picked up a bit ago, a serial to ethernet adapter that has "modem emulation" also..

They were really expensive (still are I think if you buy them new), but as people are moving to devices that use ethernet for management rather than serial, they are popping up on e-bait and elsewhere from time to time..

I was using one yesterday to connect to "telnet BBSes" from my A1000 using JRComm.
Then I thought about games..
Now, I have mine set for "modem emulation", so it would probably have to be these games:,83/p,19/
This list looks more complete:

But it also supports some kind of tunnel between two devices, so it should work with NULL serial games as well... Might require two of the same model tho, as I'm not sure if there was any standard for that. ;-)

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