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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I figured it out!!
It's kipper2ks fault!! I'm sure you guys have been wanting to release write support for weeks, but every time you are just about to, kipper2k chimes in with something like "Wait, you need support for the Protovision 4 disk format that was only used in 1987 twice by 2 guys in their garage; I'll send you the specs and an image!"
And you reply, "Buy we need to release!" And kipper2k replies, "That's what you get when you picked me for private beta! Mwahahahaha"


OK, maybe not... This is me being patient by the way...
Seriously, I've made a few images of some of my originals. So far so good.
Think I have a line on a 5 1/4" drive, so we'll see how that goes.
I have tracked down a few enclosures, so I'm working on layout and mounting options..

Still having fun and being patient...

So patient...


LOL, i want what you been smoking, i must have been sleeping when all that was wrote. IPF's work great, i even found a 512k expansion board for my amiga 500 that now plays Ghosts n Goblins, so i am batting 100% with ipf images.

Word of Warning... don't be too quick to throw out original Amiga floppy drives as modified ones seem to work for most but not all, and others seem to work for the ones that didnt work on other modified drives. Very bizarre!

examples... Flood, Barbarian 2 seem to work on some modded drives and not others but work fine on original chinon drives

anyone know of modded amiga drives that work with both of these 2 let me know. I do not have an Amiga modded drive that will play both of those 2 games, but i have lots of modded drives that will play one or the other

Like i said, anyone with a modded Amiga drive that can play both, let me know

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