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Buying my first Amiga product ever - a CD32. Help?

I'm brand new to the world of Amiga, and after dicking around with WinUAE for a few years now, my desire to buy a real, tangible Amiga to play with has grown strong enough that I'm about to pull the trigger on a CD32.

The thing is, I want to have access to the entire game library, not just limited to the NTSC software. I live in the US, so obviously the subject of PAL->NTSC conversion is bound to come up, hence the point of this topic. I've been reading a bunch of posts, and the general trend I've found is that people recommend NOT getting a PAL CD32 unless you absolutely must. Let's just put it aside, I'm probably not gonna get an NTSC console. I can't find them, for one reason, while I can find the PAL CD32s easily.

That said, I want to make sure I do everything correctly to make sure I can play the PAL CD32 on my NTSC tv. To clarify, I have an LCD HDTV, which accepts a VGA input. It's 60hz, and NTSC. I've seen a ton of direct references to this product in particular:

It claims to be able to convert from a PAL s-video input to an NTSC VGA output. However, I've also read that you should be weary of converters, as sometimes they only convert the color information, not the frequency of the output, so I might have correct NTSC color, but it'll still output at 50 hz. Is that going to be a problem with the above converter? If I start a CD32 without putting it in NTSC mode (which is just a 60hz switch without converting the color format, right?) and use that adapter, will it still work on an NTSC LCD monitor?

In other words, will a stock PAL CD32 in NOT ntsc mode output to an NTSC LCD 60hz monitor without problems using that converter? If the answer is yes, then I'll pull the trigger on a CD32 right now.

Sorry for being so verbose, I want to make sure I communicate my concern carefully. I hate wasting money, ha.
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