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Is anyone else holding onto their A500 until it increases in value a lot?

Sorry if the thread title's a bit weird.

After owning my A500 for approx 16 years and knowing how much it originally cost straight out of the factory, I find it hard to accept that it's currently only worth up to £50 including delivery on eBay.

For this reason, I'm planning to hold on to my A500 (obviously assuming it's still working OK) until it's worth around its original straight out of factory price (I know I could be waiting a long time - although, I have recently bought the original box for it ). I only paid £50 for my A500 in 1995(?).

I just feel the history of the computer, fact it's up to 24 years old and how much you can do on it compared to say a little 128k Spectrum is worth so much more than the £50.

Do any other A500 owners feel like this?

P.S. I know the A500+ currently fetches more than the A500 on average due to it being a bit rarer.
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