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Thanks s2325 & Jimbo
@ Graham, 3 or 4 were available from back2roots awhile back, but I thought it would be nice to have them all in one pack. Robcop4 has never been released before because it is hard drive only because of it's size and was the last game I made for the Amiga.

Has anyone tried Paws&Claws? It plays at nice speed on the Amiga, but through WinUAE it is really slow. Perhaps settings or an other emulator would help. Not sure if the game required Fast Ram as I remember some of my games used this on the real Amiga to speed things up. I do remember that the game uses pixel colour detect commands of Amos for platforms/ladders, which can be really slow, maybe the emulator does something different here.

Anyways it was really good to get the Amiga setup again and I spent a few days going through many floppys while I .Adf and .lha all the games before writing them to PC Dos disk on the Amiga itself while getting to grips with good old Workbench again.
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