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Interesting view. I find the same thing with Team 17 games. For me BB games are style AND substance, whereas T17 look nice but are dull.
I think that's the case with both Team17 and Bitmap Brothers. I think that when then actually did a good game, it was a pure strike of luck (Speedball 2 and The Chaos Engine for BB, Alien Breed and... hmmm.. duh, most of Team17 games I find really good wasn't really developed by them, like Worms, ATR and Qwak )

For my top 10 list.. in no particular order

Arabian Nights
The Addams Family
Ruff 'n' Tumble
Parasol Stars
James Pond 2
Turrican 3
Soccer Kid
McDonald's Land

I left Benefactor, Flashback, The Lost Vikings and Fury of The Furries out, as people would maybe call them puzzles or adventure games instead of platform games.. but IMO they are better than Turrican 3, Soccer Kid ,Rodland and McDonald's Land

I never got why Arabian Nights gets no love. I think it's one of the best Platform games ever made, with spot-on level design, lots of secrets, good controls, a lot of variety in the gameplay, and no jump in the head of enemies

And yeah, I am one of the 3 guys in the world who prefers Turrican 3 over Turrican 2. I find it to be a lot more polished, balanced and fun to play.

Even though Platform games are a typical console genre, I think that, considering the flurry of games of this type every system got, the Amiga had the best ones at that period. I could keep listing pretty good games on this genre: James Pond 3, Globdule, Great Giana Sisters, Brim & Firestone, Flink, Leander, Assassin Special Edition, Lionheart, Lethal Weapon, Global Gladiatos, The Killing Game Show, Woody's World, Kid Chaos, Harlequin, Zool 2, Wolfchild, Chuck Rock 1 & 2, Premiere, Bubba 'n' Stix, The New Zealand Story, Trolls, The First Samurai, The Second Samurai, Flimbo's Quest, Flood, Hudson Hawk, Smidge, Fire & Ice ....

And those are ones I find to be good (Not always excellent, but at least good ) There are some averagey ones that can be very enjoyable too.

And I do like Jim Power.
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