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I think KG had issues with some rare corrupt archives using Amiga specific archivers in the past too - one of the reasons for swapping to ZIP as it had the least problems. It may have been down to buggy later versions (than 1.38) of LHA executables however at the time. I'd ask him just to be clear if you are swapping to LHA. In my opinion if it's only an odd file now and again, very rare as it seems to be, it's better to stick to the advantages of ZIP and LHA that one problamatic file.

AmigaZip does support Filecomments I think, but you need to specify an extra option. Problem is, this option needs specifying on the Zip AND Unzip, which most people won't use. I could add it to the ClassicWB packs as standard, but it will still cause issues in certain situations. This is from the help file included in the ClassicWB packs (Help menu->Other->Shell or SYS:Locale\Help\Shell):

Amiga filenotes are not normally stored in the zip archive. But the zip
format supports storing a one-line comment with each file, and Zip has
an option "-N" which causes any Amiga files with attached filenotes to
be stored with their filenote in this comment field. If "-N" is used
with the -c option, Zip will prompt for you to enter a comment line for
each file that does not have a filenote. The equivalent "-N" option of
UnZip 5.2 or newer will cause such comments to be attached to the expanded
files as filenotes. If desired the option "-N" can be specified in the
environment variable ZIPOPT so that filenotes are always stored.

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