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Thumbs up How to build your own AMOS for Windows installer

This install package and launcher can be developed further quite easily by anyone with some basic knowledge:

1) Download and extract the AMOS for Windows ZIP archive (or locate your install folder/directory once installed).
Open the folder in Windows (you'll need it for later).

2) Download and install the freeware version of Clickteam Install Maker. This is used to create the install package itself.

3) Download and install the free Bat To Exe Converter software. This is used to compile the "AMOS Professional.bat" launcher script into the "AMOS Professional.exe" binary launcher.

4) If you want to edit the startup-sequence file on Windows ("AMOS for Windows\AMOS\s\startup-sequence"), I recommend downloading and installing the Windows version of gedit (select the latest version). This will preserve the AmigaOS-specific endlines. Do NOT use Notepad or Wordpad as these will corrupt the endlines. (This requires some knowledge of AmigaOS.)

5) If you want to edit the launcher, first edit the "AMOS Professional.bat" file in any text editor (e.g. Notepad). This will launch with a console window when run. (This requires some knowledge of Windows batch files.)

6) To rebuild the launcher binary, first rename (or delete) the "AMOS Professional.exe" file. Open Bat to Exe Converter, select the "AMOS Professional.bat" file using the file selector, ensure the "Save as" option is "AMOS Professional.exe", under Visibility select "Invisible application", and under the "Versioninformations" tab select "..." next to "Icon file", then select the "AMOS Professional.ico" file from disk. Click "Compile". The new launcher will be created in silent mode with an icon.

7) The default WinUAE configuration is "AMOSPro.uae". This can be edited in WinUAE or a text editor such as Notepad. Note that this does not include paths to the ROMs or the hard drive filesystem; these are added manually by the launcher (.bat or .exe).

8) When you are ready to create a new installer build, open the "AMOS for Windows" folder, then open the "Install.iit" file with Clickteam Install Maker (it should open by default). Here it will sync any changes to the file structure. You can save any changes, and once done, select "Build" and create a new "AMOS for Windows.exe" installer. (Do not save inside the "AMOS for Windows" folder itself, or it will get confused if you open Install Maker again.)

9) You are now done. You can also create a ZIP archive of the entire folder, which should work (once extracted) without an install.

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