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Grapevine on A600

Hi all,
got Grapevine IRC running on the 600 yesterday, via AmiTCP, 3c589 card, etc. Works great except when the channel users exceed 20 it locks up causing program failed error #80000003. This happens when logging onto a channel at the time the user list is generated (Names) and the Userlist window should appear. It all works fine as long as there are less than 20 users, found by trial and error.
Threads here and elsewhere speak of quite large (80) user totals and no problems using Grapevine, it certainly appears to be the IRC software of choice for 2MB no accellerator A600's like mine. OS is 3.1, ClassicWB 68K, (onya Bloodwych ), IDE to SD card adapter, otherwise a vanilla A600. Appears to have plenty of RAM left, 530,040 on the screen now. Have read the guide, searched lots of threads, a bit stumped on this one. Archive downloaded from Aminet yesterday. Any ideas?
thanks mutch.

Further to the above, been sitting on for a few hours with 22-23 users and no probs; so its ok if I join a channel with under 20 users, and the list grows, but not if I join a channel with 20 users already.....?????
Yeah I'm confused too.

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