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Floppy disk jAMAL alpha 0.50

Update: jAMAL alpha 0.50 (July 23rd 2011)

After 4 months of development, a new build of jAMAL is ready for release.

Changes in jAMAL alpha 0.50:
• The AMAL Environment Generator has been reimplemented. This is based on a subset of AMOS BASIC itself.
• Can now load a background image from a file (or resource).
• Can now load sprite images from a folder or directory (disk or resource).
• The AMAL-to-Java Compiler has been greatly optimised (still needs more work though).
• A new background was added (from
• Can now create a new project, and create a new AMAL channel and program.
• Added support for screen dragging and scrolling effects using Screen Display and Screen Offset in the Environment Generator. These can now be allocated to AMAL channels to allow AMAL scripts to control the screen directly. Some new examples were included.

Runnable JAR, documentation and source are downloadable from jAMAL's SourceForge page:


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