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Top Amiga Platform Games

By today's standards the following are still great games:

Turrican 2
Midnight Resistance
Rainbow Islands
Dizzy (don't make me choose now)
Bubba n Stix

Have aged a bit but still good:
Crazy Sue
New Zealand Story
Killing Game Show

Has aged badly: Gods (oh no, not another Gods basher! 'fraid so)
Excellent theme tune aside, there is no getting away from the fact that this is and always was a pretty crap game. The rubbish main sprite animation (who walks like that?) isn't even the main problem here. The real problem is, this game doesn't play fair. The gameplay relies heavily on pulling levers in the correct order. Players are given no prior clue as to what that order might be so it's all pure guesswork combined with memory from prior plays. Nothing cerebral at all. No sense of justice when you get something wrong and pay a heavy price. Also, I remember magazines at the time touting that according to Bitmap Bros, Gods would feature advanced enemy AI. That turned out to be absolute hogwash and the game features the same dumbass enemy sprites walking set predetermined paths as any other game, albeit with so much energy some of them that you had to place a chair leg on the firebutton at certain points and go have a cup o tea until it was vanquished - YAWN!

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