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Post your Amiga games collection

Not sure if this has been done before - apologies if it has.

My Amiga games collection is currently this. I got a few games included with my Amiga A500 when I bought it off a mate of a mate in approx 1994 (mostly the Tenstar Pack games) but most of my games have been bought in the last year or two (9 of them and some only to replace lost games).

Amegas (Pandora, 1988)
Colonization (Microprose, 1995)
European Champions (Ocean, 1993)
Ikari Warriors (Elite, 1986)
Insanity Fight (Microdeal, 1987)
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (Virgin Games, 1991)
Marble Madness (Electronic Arts, 1986)
Mercenary Escape from Targ and the Second City Compendium (Novagen Software Ltd, 1988)
Pac Mania (Grandslam, 1988)
Pinball Fantasies (21st Century Entertainment, 1992)
Rainbow Islands (Ocean, 1990)
Sensible World of Soccer (Sensible Software, 1994)
The New Zealand Story (Ocean, 1989)
Thundercats (Elite, 1987)
Top Gear 2 (Gremlin Interactive, 1994)
X-Out (Rainbow Arts, 1990)
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