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WPA2 added to Amiga WiFi driver

Amiga developer Neil Cafferkey has added WPA2 support to his Prism2 WiFi ethernet card driver for all Amigas.

A new commercial version of the prism2.device wireless network driver is now available that supports WPA (TKIP) and WPA2 (CCMP/AES) encryption. However, please note that not all cards support all encryption modes.

A rule of thumb is that PCMCIA cards with white edge connectors support hardware WPA (TKIP) encryption, but not WPA2 (CCMP/AES). Cards with black edge connectors support WPA 1 and 2 when reflashed with new firmware in a PC (but encryption is done in software, so you'll need a fast Amiga to get reasonable speeds). PCI cards used with OS4 also need a firmware upgrade.

The new driver is available for EUR 15 per card for 68k and OS4. Please send inquiries and PayPal payment to
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