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My one pet hate about the Amiga's sound...

...was the fact it only had four channels. 2 per speaker just wasn't enough.

I find it really annoying that you had these thumping tunes and sound effects competing with one another.

8 channels would have been ideal - even 6 would have done to avoid tunes getting spoilt by sound effects. I wouldn't have minded if the separation of the channels remained, as long as there were more of them.

Imagine what an improvement it would have been with a few more channels. The Amiga already had awesome sound for the time, but I'd love to know why technically they couldn't add just a few more channels.

I remember when I first read about the A1200, I was SOOOO disappointed it had the same sound as the older Amigas. Sound was one major selling point for the A500, I thought they could have beefed it up on the A1200.

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