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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
I was looking at Daytona USA 2001 on Youtube the other week and had a serious craving for a DC, I never knew the DC had a version but it absolutely blows the shoddy Saturn version away.

I used to love the DC before Sega discontinued it, it was probably a better 3D machine than the PS2.
Both Daytona USA and Daytona USA - Championship Circuit Edition are great games. DC version looks better, of course -Top Spin 4 looks better than Match Point - but imo Saturn versions have better gameplay. Controls in DC version are too sensitive. But its still very good game, theres no doubt about it.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Sturmwind finally has a fixed release date, 11.11.2011.
The game looks great. I hope it wont be too easy or too difficult, well-balanced difficutly makes the difference between good and bad/average shmups. 11. 11. 2011, one year and one month before the big bang II
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