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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
Typing an AMOS 3D instruction (e.g. "Td Cls" or ' Td Load "" ') into the editor and hitting RUN will bomb.
Arghh.. AMOS calls dos.library/LoadSeg() with A6 pointing to ExecBase.. Some stupid workaround needed..

100E0C1C 41fa 0162 LEA.L (PC,$0162) == $100e0d80,A0 ; AMOS:AMOS_System/c3d.lib
100E0C20 2208 MOVE.L A0,D1
100E0C22 2c79 0000 0004 MOVEA.L $00000004,A6 ;eh?
100E0C28 206d 02b8 MOVEA.L (A5, $02b8) == $100b5d24,A0 ;dosbase, double eh?
100E0C2C 4ea8 ff6a JSR.L (A0, -$0096) ;LoadSeg

EDIT: fixed/patched library files attached if anyone cares..
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