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I use a wired Xbox 360 controller with my WinUAE.

So, the only disk image I'm finding it hard to get hold of is the full version of Snakes and I'm gutted as it's one of my favourites and I'm hoping to meet someone on here who can convert it to adf for me
I searched the HOL and the file server here on the EAB, and there isn't any game called 'Snakes' other than 'Snakes and Ladders', 'Snake' and 'Snake Pit'. Possibly it's so rare it hasn't been listed.

Ok try this:

Make a folder in your WinUAE directory and call it 'HDD'.

Then in WinUAE, click on the 'Hard Drives' button at the side.

Click on 'Add directory or archive'.

Click 'Select Directory' then on your 'HDD' folder.

Then download the snakes.lha or whatever it is from Aminet, extract the archive to your 'HDD' folder, then insert a Workbench ADF image in WinUAE, when you boot up, you should be able to see the HDD on your Workbench, access it, and Snakes should be there.

If it doesn't appear, hold down the right mouse button, go to 'Window' then 'Show' then 'All Files'.

WinRAR can extract LZA and LHA files.

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