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Originally Posted by CU_AMiGA View Post
I m surprised Akira hasnt put his 2 cents in this thread he normallly shoots his load when the words Sharp X68000 is mentioned! lol
Imma shoot my load right at your eye you lucky bastard
I still keep the dream to get one of these one day. My recent trip to Japan found me return empty-handed It's not as easy to find these working anymore, but usually the problem that makes them non working is easy to fix (power supply issues). Then there's the issue of the monitor but I am sure you can build a 31Khz adapter or just use any sort of scandoubler.

Anyway, ONE DAY, ONE DAY, my precious shall be mine :P
Even though I don't collect any shit anymore, and I have successfully sold most of my stuff (except Amigas), I still want one of these. It's basically the finest 68k based home computer EVER built (sorry Amiga :P)

Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Don't think it had dual x68000s, just the 68000@10Mhz, loads more ram than the amiga and not sure what in the gfx department.
CPS also was 68000+z80, not dual 68000.
Wikipedia sez:
"Hardware-wise, it was very similar to arcade hardware of the time, and it served as the Capcom CPS system development machine. It supported separate text RAM, graphic RAM and hardware sprites. Sound was produced internally via Yamaha's then top-of-the-line YM2151 FM synthesizer and a single channel OKI MSM6258V for PCM. Due to this and other similarities it played host to many arcade game ports in its day. "

It was basically designed just like arcade boards. The CPS-1 system does NOT have a Z80, by the way, just any type of DPCM chip for samples. You're getting confused with the CPS System Dash which was a little upgrade that used special Z80s for the QSound DPCM
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