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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Just for clarification, this is after it was written by Kryoflux, the Amiga with those drives wouldn't load the game?
But you are thinking that Kryoflux wrote it properly and the Amiga with those drives wouldn't have loaded the original copy as well???

Just wondering..

Also, is there a game (or games) that would be the best "test" to see if the drive you have chose is the best choice?
I saw something earlier about GnG??
Or I have an original Dragon's Lair, which I seem to remember at the time was tough to copy...

Hi, i am confirming that the ipf image wrote correctly using my Sony Z/121 PC floppy drive but i was unable to actually load the game in my amiga using the modded sony Z/121, when i tried the original Chinon, it worked fine, and also the modded FD1231T worked fine.

Dragons Lair has worked fine in all drives i tested. Ghosts n Goblins is basically looking for a specific Amiga, 1 meg with Fast ram at C000000 otherwise it will not load.

You have to be careful when assessing whether a game ipf is actually working or not because there are a lot of earlier releases that are looking for a specific configuration Amiga. The best Amigas to try are the A500 with 512K fast ram and a A600 with dual kickstart (for non AGA) Also some games expect either NTSC or Pal or will simply fail to load (Battle Squadrion for example)

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