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Well, I have at least 2 other 3.5" drives in PCs around here, and maybe more around. They probably aren't ALL ALPS. ;-)
And I still have to pick up a 5 1/4" drive eventually, so I have to hit my favorite electronics store.. The one that has the "back corner" with all the OLD JUNK.. ;-)
I love that section. ;-)

I am going back and forth tho..
Build a bigger case (possibly use one of the SCSI ones I think I can find) for both drives.
Or, use a power adapter and make a smaller case (I have an A1010 case that might work) and do just the 3.5", and only hook up the 5 1/4" when I need to....

Decisions.. Decisions... ;-)

p.s. I have to go sign up for your forums! :-)
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