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Just got my KryoFlux!
Man, that's a tiny board... :-)
Followed the setup paperwork..
I know, I know.. I don't usually read instructions first, but I saw some DOS commands in there and figured, better safe then trying to remove stuff from the registry later. ;-)

All went smooth, grabbed a floppy drive (ALPS 3.5") from an unused PC and hooked it all up.
Did the trackscan (this drive says 83 tracks); I assume that's OK for a 3.5".
Grabbed my copy of Faery Tale Adventure (original) and typed the command to make an image..
(I did the ADF and the raw files, just to see)
And I have LOTS of files.. ;-) One of which is an ADF.
Loaded it into WinUAE and there was Faery Tale Adventure.. Nice and easy...

Right now I'm just using an old PC power supply, so it's kind of awkward, but I think I know where some external single SCSI drive cases are (with their own power).
I'll have to spit the power and add a floppy power cable..
Not sure if they have enough room for both a 5 1/4" and a 3 1/2", but I can at least use their power supply to have something smaller than this. ;-)

(I don't actually have a 5 1/4" drive yet anyway..)

Can't wait for write support...

Well, I suppose I can wait.. ;-)
And will, but I can't promise it will be patiently!!!

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