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Jimbo, I suspected that - a Linux box in Windows, or rebooting, to copy a file is a bit overkill though. Exists a port? What's needed is really copy, delete, and mount.

Akira, yes. Of course that's how I do it today, booting, navigating to the same places in Diskmaster and finding that file, select, copy button etc. A separate WinUAE installation with an auto-starting config and startup-sequence, with no fps-cap. That could be worth mucking about with

Hmm... I actually like this more and more, thanks Akira! No complex mixture of loose components, no multiple programs accessing the CF card using potentially slightly different filesystem-implementations. Without a decent CLI sync-program you'd be stuck with "copy A:myPCdir B:myAmigaDir" in startup-sequence, but it could be useful enough perhaps. I'll try that first and see how it goes.
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