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Happy R3 the art of rocketry

My name is Norman, I haven't played on an amiga in about 10 years when my cd32 finally was laid to rest.

I recently started looking into Winuae and have a few games that run with it mainly pd/shareware deluxe galaga and the likes. So I have a little familiarity on how to run the games and such.

I cannot seem to get R3 the art of rocketry to run for some reason (This is the version that is linked on the R3 wiki page) I cannot find a floppy image or a cd image in the archive that I downloaded from there.
I have tried to run the archive its self since it is .lha but nothing loads.

I saw in a post on another section of the board that R3 had been added to the zone but I cant find it on there either. As far as I am aware this game was made freeware but I cant seem to find a working rom for it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered in this matter.
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