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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Alt & X ....Quits the game or emulator back to the menu...YAY !! a real 64x owner using it....If you copy the desktop icon to your windows startup it will boot to the selection screen like Maximus or mame front ends

I think i need to set up a config for the C64X as it doesnt have a Num that what you mean ??

Thanks for the link PaulyQ il check it out

Thanks, but when I said I had "my own" C64x I was meaning "really my own" (

I'm using the keyrah internally, but you don't have to change nothing. The joystick works very well, and I've just discovered that using the real C=64 keyboard, it's C= + x the keys that take you out to the menu. The thing is that if you don't know which keys are, there must be a great amount of possible combinations to find with the right one.

Thanks for this great job.

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