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Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
I must be the only person in the world who loved Shadow of the Best and played it to death. I remember managing to remain alive for at least 70% of the game before I even learned about infinite lives. It's a good thing I didn't have the internet to tell me how bad it was back then.
YEP!! You're not the only one!!

It was hard tho...

I do agree with Bloodwych tho. A code system would have really helped for those who didn't want to play thru everything they had done after they die..
I wonder tho, would the game have been too short then???

Does anyone use WinUAE "save state" to do that now and does it make the game more enjoyable and/or too short???

I do remember playing SOTB II BITD and getting stuck in some pit once and I couldn't get out.. Not sure if it was a glitch or I was just missing something. I remember trying it for hours (so that would have been about 10-15 minutes.. ) before rebooting. Never happened again, although that might have been because I knew to avoid that spot.

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