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I disagree with Project X, I like this one for its gameplay. Level 3 is real hell, agree, but the rest of the game is a great shmup with well-balanced difficulty in my opinion. Same for Banshee, its great!

SOTB is a good game too for me.

When I played Xenon 2 for the first time, I didnt like it, it was too slow and I expected much more. Years later I gave it another chance and I liked it.

Agony doesnt look so great I think. Some parts of the game are totally unplayable for me due to deuteranomalia. I cant see opponents and bullets on the background.

Never liked Unreal, looks really good but its an average game.

Noone has mentioned my "favourite", so its my turn

Superfrog. Damn, I hate this one. One of the most overrated Amiga game ever.

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