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Lightbulb Update - AMOSPro extensions added

This has been updated and now features the following AMOSPro extensions (not all 100% working yet under AROS-68k):

- AMOS Professional Compiler
- AMOS 3D (not yet working under AROS-68k)
- CRAFT extension
- TOME 4.24+ extension (map editor/tiling)
- AMCAF 1.5
- LDos Pro
- LSerial Pro
- Intuition Extension 1.3b

Any copyright/legal issues and any extensions will be removed.
Currently this is loaded with 'em for the ultimate out-of-the-box AMOSPro install.

Links again:
AMOS for Windows (installer)
AMOS for Windows (zip archive)

Abk Viewer (runnable JAR)

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