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Hi all from London

I've just recently been digging through my amiga collection as I want to get rid of the disks due to lack of space so migrating to WinUAE.
I'm about halfway through and doing great so far! I'm using Xbox controllers with microsoft dongle and WinUAE with Joy2Key as I like to play Turrican with one button set to autofire and another to normal fire. WinUAE doesn't seem to have this capability built in so I'm finding this an effective workaround. It also allows me to map space to another button. Unfortunately the grenade button appears to be missing. Has anyone managed to get the grenade working?
So, the only disk image I'm finding it hard to get hold of is the full version of Snakes and I'm gutted as it's one of my favourites and I'm hoping to meet someone on here who can convert it to adf for me (assuming it still works after all this time!). As it was never released generally and I had to have it imported from Germany, I think it might be something of a rare gem. Naturally I want to get this in the free public domain. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.
It has been suggested by Prowler that I should update my original intro as I left out a couple points that some may find of interest:
Me and my friend used to be quite involved in the postal Public Domain community. Although I never actually published anything myself, I had gotten quite good at programming in AMOS and had been working on a few fun games, a horror film quiz with a swinging scimitar that got closer every time you got an answer wrong, a minefield clone and a top-down tank game (like atari-combat). Sadly, I never stuck at it. I really loved the AMOS package and I found it to be robust and user-friendly.
Unfortunately, my friend sold his Amiga along with a vast majority of his PD gear without asking me first > - I'm hoping there might still be items in my collection. Will post soon if I find anything

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