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OK, for the people with a quick trigger finger like me.

1) make sure you are going into configuration first within the frontend/interface <<-- very important!
(this will start Vice64 emulator)

2) goto Settings and then video settings....set your screen settings (800 x 600 is a good starting point) - I also "render to DX primary surface" in the video settings.

3) setup your joysick/gamepad

4) make sure that in settings that you have "save settings on exit" checked/ticked


I've got it running in Windows 7 too, but how do you quit?
easy, you can hit alt+f4 which terminates the program or alt+enter (to make it non full-screen), or Alt+X to exit!!

Shiny Games button....gets em every time <<-- Hell yeh!!
As for the smaller interface, thank you, much appreciated.

oh... and why your on, why not grab the 128 games to add to that list as well

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