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Looks like Lonewolf10 is beating everyone in finding these achievements. He the Games Master.

Some hints for every one else on finding secret areas:
*************** Spoiler alert below:
There are 4 ways in finding them:-
- Breakable walls (grenades not needed).
- Walls you can walk right through.
- The leap of faith. There are only 2 I promise.
- Grenade jumping. To get to high places throw a grenade, jump a split second just before grenade explodes under your feet to get some height.

Star Trekking is a Leap of Faith.

************** Spoiler end.

I made a [ Show youtube player ] of me playing Level 1. Contains spoilers.
Shows the location of both secret areas, and locations of all Triatoms for the Triatom achievement. I have to say I've played better, I even died in it . Settings I used: Medium difficultly, Grenade=Hold, Jump=Joystick up.



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