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Toni, if you launch my AMOS for Windows (from installer or zip download), select Project -> Load from drop-down menu then select AMOSPro_System:AMOS_3D_demos folder, there are a number of simple AMOS 3D demos.

They all load, edit, test (and even compile: menu User -> Compile) fine, it just resets when they attempt to run (interpreted or compiled). I could compile some simple 3D demos to Amiga executable/bootable ADF if that would be useful?

Typing an AMOS 3D instruction (e.g. "Td Cls" or ' Td Load "" ') into the editor and hitting RUN will bomb.

P.S. AROS 68k and x86 look well synced already: Desktop screenshot (full HD)

Is the AROS-68k ROM working under UAE for AROS-x86 yet? (If so, perhaps it could be built in?)

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