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Floppy disk AMOS for Windows installer using AROS-68k and WinUAE

(Split from the AROS-68k thread)

AMOS Professional with compiler is now working on AROS-68k.

As a proof of concept for what the possibilities now are, I have created a full Windows installer for AMOS Professional running on AROS-68k (20110714) and WinUAE (2.3.2), which for the first time ever is now legal to redistribute, and can install AMOS out of the box on any Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, or Wine/Linux).

This has been kindly hosted by Vairn, as well as in ZIP archive format:

AMOS for Windows (installer)
AMOS for Windows (zip archive)

[ Show youtube player ] (YouTube video)

Credits go to Toni Wilen and Jason McMullan for making this legal distribution possible, as well as to Fran├žois Lionet for creating AMOS back in the day, and since releasing it as freeware. (The installer itself was created with the free Clickteam Install Creator, which Fran├žois also worked on!)

A full AMOS Professional manual is included in PDF format.

P.S. This goes very well with my Abk Viewer Java app, since there are a lot of .abk sprite banks in the archive (or install folder): AbkViewer download (now supports 64 colour Extra Half-Brite images)

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