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Hello from Canada!

Hi all,

My name is Shaun and I live in Manitoba. I started using an Amiga back in the A1000 / A500 days (1988 I believe, would have been 9 then). I currently own an A500 and an A1200 (Blizzard 060/50 w/ SCSI add-on). Not sure where they are currently in the house though, lol. I have an old amiga page which lists my A1200 parts for my system.

My only regret with my amiga is moving the 1200 from the desktop casing into a tower. Since then, the system randomly locks up and gives various colored screens of death. My only reason for moving it to a tower was for the zorro interface for a toaster card I purchased (for using a webcam and video production). Unfortunately the card was defective and I couldn't bring myself to move the motherboard back into the desktop casing after spending the money on the tower.

I used to hang out on IRC a lot back then in the amiga channels, mainly on Undernet and Galaxynet I believe. I helped Beta-test YAM for a bit, until someone hacked my amiga and stole the program. I was then removed from the testing list. I messed around with eggdrop bots, ran an RPGBBS server over telnet via telserd.device (if I recall the device name). I also used to stream music online via AmiPhone. A bunch of us would chain our amiphones together and it would stream to everyone in the chain. Those were the good ole days.

I have a Retail copy of AMOS Pro but never really got into it. Wasn't sure where to start for learning to program in it (not a gfx person). I did read through the BASIC manual when I was 12 and wrote all the tutorials it had in AmigaBASIC (WB 1.3).

I believe I was around 18-20 when I moved over from the amiga to using windows-based computers. The software for the pc was advancing past what the amiga could do, and trying to use a 1200 that kept randomly crashing was too much for me. I was able to ftp most of my amiga DH0 onto the PC which I use in WinUAE.

I'm sure this is way more then what you all would expect for a simple 'hello', but that is just me saying hello, lol.

On a side note, the ribbon for my Dataflyer XDS needs replacement. The sides of the IDE connector that connect the ribbon to the xds unit broke and I'm using electrical tape to hold it together. Is there a place to buy replacement ribbons for this device or get replacement clips?
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