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Originally Posted by PaulyQ View Post
I've got 278 cart roms here, gimme a holler and I'll zip and send em to you!! (EDIT: ZONED!!)

Just a thought, would it be possible to make a netbbok version of the gui, the current version of the gui is rather large and even though my netbook has a resolution of 1240x800 you can't see the bottom part of the launcher gui. Or is it was possible to have e able to resize the gui in realtime??
Thanks for the carts PaulyQ

I will take a look at the gui on a netbook in the next few hours and see what i can do.....Just the gui is that right....the game looks ok full screen i assume?

PS...Its unbelievable that 278 games are less that 10 meg unzipped.....that would have been around a £2000 or more worth of games back then
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